100% pure sulfur powder — Makes 60 oz of 10% lotion — Free USA shipping

Five bags of 100% pure sulfur powder, 1.3 ounces each (6.5 ounces total = 184 grams). This is a very fine powder.

Very fine, fluffy, micronized powder…easily mixed with lotion, making soap and many other uses.

Mix each bag with 12 ounces of skin lotion to make 12 ounces of 10% sulfur lotion. This is used for treating scabies, dermatitis, and the treatment of bacterial infections. Not recommended for internal use.

Makes over 60 ounces total of 10% sulfur lotion.

You can use lotion or cream or shea butter or even petroleum jelly. You supply the lotion, this is the powder only.

I've used Equate Nourishing Baby Lotion…it's economical, mixes easily and goes on smoothly. Any baby lotion should work, but most regular skin lotions should, too.

For applying to scalp, use hair conditioner (instead of lotion). Conditioner is a lot easier to apply and rinse out of hair!

For treating scabies:

Apply 3-4 ounces from the jawline on down.
Leave on for 12 hours, then shower off.
Repeat for 3 days/nights in a row.

This amount of sulfur powder makes enough 10% sulfur lotion for at least 15 applications (5 weeks of treatments).

More information here:

To read the SDS (Safety Data Sheet) search on CAS 7704-34-9

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