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Spinosad Concentrate makes 8, 16 or 24 oz — Free USA Shipping

Spinosad is an insecticide originally discovered being produced by a bacteria in the crushed sugar cane of an abandoned rum still in the Virgin Islands. It is considered a natural product, thus is approved for use in organic agriculture by numerous nations.

This spinosad concentrate can be mixed with any water-based liquid such as skin lotion, hair conditioner and, of course, water. It will not mix well with oily things such as petroleum jelly or thick creams.

Each packet contains a precise, pre-measured amount.

Mix one packet with 7 oz of liquid to make a 0.5% concentration.
Mix one packet with 4 oz of liquid to make a 0.9% concentration.

For example, when making 0.9%,
2 packets make 8 oz total
4 packets make 16 oz total
6 packets make 24 oz total

Mixing instructions are included.

FREE shipping (domestic USA).

These packets contain spinosad concentrate with propylene glycol and other inert ingredients. All ingredients from reliable American companies.

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Info from Wikipedia
"Spinosad is a novel mode-of-action insecticide derived from a family of natural products obtained by fermentation of S. spinosa [the special bacteria]. Spinosad contains a mix of two spinosoids, spinosyn A, the major component, and spinosyn D (the minor component), in a roughly 17:3 ratio."

Spinosad is sensitive to sunlight, so store out of direct sunlight.